Real wood furniture with natural appearance and lively forms

Real wood furniture can accommodate not only in the traditional living environment, but also in modern living space. Tables with legs and column made of solid wood inspire modeled with lively forms of nature with beautiful, imaginative shape and serve as a focal point.

Wood is a popular in the furniture industry material that can be processed imaginative and provides cozy atmosphere. The latest trends in interior design set with simple, reduces the color and decoration interior designs. Neutral colors, such as black, white or gray prevail upon open as possible held living space. There is a risk, despite the modern furniture, the room to appear impersonal or inanimate. Attractive natural real wood furniture make for cozy atmosphere with its warm radiance in.

The special natural appearance of natural wood form is called in English "live edge", since this is, however, given by nature, man has only given the final touches. This results each time a new authentic form, a unique wares.

From the real wood material can be formed by careful handmade imaginative doors, dining table, even attractive seating chairs. The wood surface is oiled or stained to be changed without the natural structure and wood grains. What deep cracks or sprouts can be filled with special wood putty.  
Although a rectangular shape for the table or stool is desired, the natural texture and edges of real wood could remain visible. The timber is filled with resin and placed in the desired proportion.

The playful shape of the untreated wood is also suitable for small use objects, such as the cutting board on the image, or for ornate decorative objects that serve as eye-catching.

Lets see wonderful examples and get nice inspiration in images bellow.  

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