10 ideas with recycled cable reels

If you are one of our regular readers you should know how much we like recycling and everything that has to do with decorating on a budget. And if we talk of low cost decoration, stars, undoubtedly, are the wooden pallets or pallets, although not the only resource we have.
Cable reels is another very interesting item to recycle and give it a new use, either functional or decorative element. Among the most common uses are tables made from cable reels, depending on the size of this we can get a fairly large table.
We can choose to let the natural wood, which provide a rustic touch and until very suitable for industrial-style decorations. But we can also paint and, why not, to even cover its surface with a sticker or collage. In the market we can also find interesting decorative vinyl. 

Check in following images 10 ideas with recycled cable reels.

Images via: estiloydeco.com 
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