21 Rustic ideas to decorate your home

Just open a catalog of decoration to realize that the decoration of rustic and industrial style is trends. The rustic decor is to use natural materials like stone, wood and integrate them into more contemporary and modern designs.

Its personally a style I really like it because it provides a warm felling to the home and create a cozy atmosphere. The ideas are endless and materials that can be used as well. Today we are going to help find these useful ideas to help you decorate your house with a rustic touch.

Rustic ideas Wooden Boxes

Wooden boxes are perfect for incorporation into a rustic decor. They are easy to work with, you can paint them in any color, modify or even add media elements such as wheels or legs to convert them into tables. We show you some ideas for decorating with rustic wooden boxes.

Rustic ideas Ladders and Shelves

Another element we're seeing a lot in the catalog are decorating ladders. Used to decorate any space giving utility as a shelf, decorative element or rack.

Lighting rustic ideas

The choice of
ceiling lamps or wall can also help a lot in giving this rustic touch to your home. I've done quite a selection of rustic lamps thanks to its simplicity. If you are sure that you will handyman thinking "I can do this at home." 
And to finish this post with rustic ideas, we want to show some stays nicely decorated houses that breathe this special atmosphere and cozy thanks to its decoration. If you look, he's played a lot with ambient light, woods and all natural elements. 

Images via: decoracion.facilisimo.com 
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