Herbs garden on balcony images and ideas

Herbs have become an integral part of every balcony and garden! This is because it does not require much care, and also does not require much sun.
Economical manner and with little effort, we can enrich our food with aromas and flavors from our balcony. Below we will refer to basic herbs and the needs set individually.

  Initially to plant them on your balcony you will need pots or window boxes, which should have a depth 25 to 30 centimeters. At the bottom of the pot you put a layer of gravel, to have good drainage, then pour the soil (which preferably is enriched with organic elements, eg compost) and plant the plant.
Dill: reaches a height of 30-80 cm and is an annual plant. Planting the seeds in the spring (April to May) at a depth of half a centimeter. You need deep pot because the roots reach deep. Wants frequent watering, gathered with scissors cutting 2 cm from the soil.
Basil is annual plant and the height reaches 20-80 cm. The planting in the spring (March, April). Basil needs light. Also need cool soil, so summer the watering every day. To get a better plant growth cut the tops more often.
Daphne is a perennial plant and its height reaches 3-5 meters. It is better to buy a small plant from a nursery to planting it (the ideal months are January and February) .No need regular watering and withstand low temperatures.
Rosemary is a perennial plant and reaches half a meter. If the plant with seeds you can do it from March to April. Pour the seeds, cover them with some soil and water it every now and then. The harvest will be next year. You need light and water requirements are low.
Mint is a herbaceous plant. You can sow in early spring. Spread the seeds on the soil and watering immediately. After 12 days the seeds will germinate. Mint needs sun but withstands a party does not see much sun. You also need enough water.
Parsley is a biennial plant. From the time you plant the seeds, it will take 3-4 weeks for to begin to sprout. Also to collect the first leaves will need to spend 2-3 months. It can be planted from early spring to autumn. Spread the seeds in a pot, cover with a little soil and watering immediately. If it is cold it is advisable to carry the pot indoors near a window, because the plant needs sun.

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