DIY to do with sack cloth

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Beautiful crafts to do with sack cloth.

The burlap is a very special textile, rough and rustic look and brown hues. Therefore, it is an ideal material if you want to give a rustic air to any object. Here are some examples.

Flower Pots
A DIY with sea burlap easy for a vase of flowers or a pot, just wrap it with a little burlap and wrap a rope to secure it, the result is beautiful as you can see.

Table runner

If you are preparing an event or wedding rustic, this idea is perfect for decorating the table.

Small bags

As this is such a breathable fabric is ideal for the typical aromatic sachets in closets material.


This idea already has some more work and skill, but the result is spectacular

Another quality of the fabric bag is its resistance, so it is a perfect material for all kinds of cushions and poufs.


If you want to give a warmer touch with the candles, just wrap the container with some burlap, you get a more subdued and romantic light.

As you saw, the burlap is a material with many virtues that provides many options for creating beautiful objects, will you dare any with?  

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