8 Low-Cost Ideas to decorate the walls

If you want to decorate the walls of your house easily, with little money but a lot of aesthetic quality, here I bring low- 8 cost offers ideas to make your walls look original and beautiful.

Your walk on the tour of these decorative proposals for your walls look amazing and full of personality.

 The first idea that you've seen on most occasions, but not stop surprising ...... wicker baskets and baskets to decorate the walls. They can be all of the same color and shape or alternating fun and create a colorful composition. It is a great choice for a cottage.
If you like the style Vintage, certainly can not resist this second idea to decorate your walls with porcelain plates. If you also combine decoration with restored furniture you will create a vintage-chic atmosphere perfect.

The third idea reminds me of the summer, it is perfect for a holiday! Surely many of us have hats and brimmed straw or felt that we no longer use and that look lovely on a wall.
 Who said that only serve to eat vegetables? Blog vickys-home teach us as stamping delicate flowers on the wall with a cut celery and painting.

A delicate and feminine decor with some paint imitating the work of cross stitch. If you are an amateur this type of work with needle and thread it will not be difficult to make a drawing with little crosses, but this time with paint and a brush, on the wall of your house. 

Another idea you'll find is to decorate the walls with empty frames The game can paint a wall or in a contrasting color and become undisputed protagonists of the decor. 

The seventh idea to decorate the walls can not be more low-cost since it is made with pieces of paper and rolled strips made. With them and some paint it is possible as original as the image header.

We are sticking with the paper to complete the journey through these eight lowcost ideas for decorating walls, but this time change the technique because it does not roll up the paper strips but cut them in circles like a confetti to decorate a showy way and colorful wall.  

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