Very cool vintage interior with celestial accents

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A very cool and vintage interior in an absolutely key based on white with accents and colors in pastel. A duplex mode before this beautiful and bright house was a garage. A decoration retrotae  houses typical Mediterranean architecture where white walls with touches with contrast in light blue and recovered with vintage furniture. It is an oasis in the middle of the city of Barcelona, in the neighborhood of Poble Nou. Each of the details of the two-story house create little corners which include wicker baskets that give it a very rustic beach atmosphere. The little window and mirror round like a porthole, give the space a nautical air to the seating area. Stresses the door made of scaffolding planks painted blue, which moves on guides fixed to the wall. The pull force run with tailored mats and cushions and wall love with playing frames and mirrors recovered.
Admire whole home decoration and get inspired in following images. 

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