50 ideas with vintage suitcase

Vintage suitcase of your grandmother or your aunt is not a useless object. Indeed, almost everything vintage is currently fashionable. But if the vintage suitcase you found your home is no longer usable with his first goal, you can turn it into a cute trendy furniture.

The vintage suitcase can be used as a coffee table, as a safe to keep your jewelry, or why not for your coverage. When you  put it around your bed, it can serve you as a nice nightstand. If you have two, three or more vintage suitcases, you can pile them on top of one another to create a wardrobe, a kitchen cabinet or a higher library. These cabinets etc. may also have drawers.

If you doubt that it is possible, check it in our Photo Gallery. It offers 50 photos of vintage suitcase Cute transformed into furniture that is a nice accent the decor of every room in which it is located.

Images via: Pinterest

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