Valentine's Day idea - Original wall decoration with giant heart

The feast of love and its approach is the right time to think of a way to decorate your home. This is our idea of Valentine's Day DIY wall decoration. Have carefully selected your outfit for the evening, you thought your makeup and your hair and you even decided what will be the menu for your romantic dinner this year.
In this case, you can have fun and make a little DIY project to use to decorate your home or to give as a gift to the person you love.

Who said that the celebration of Valentine's Day should always be accompanied by the same gifts? roses bouquets, chocolates, teddy bear or a bottle of wine ... this is classic but somewhat repetitive. If you are creative, you are a bit like us, you like enjoying the holidays to invent interesting decorating projects that fascinate your friends and you like to offer them as gifts. For the feast of love, we have a special proposition for you: forget the gifts "classic" sold in stores and make a giant heart DIY project. With our DIY tutorial, it will be ready soon and it will impress your friends and dear! Follow the steps below to make your original wall decoration giant red heart-shaped:

Start by gathering the materials needed for your project: a big ball of yarn red wire (plus the wire is, the more your work will be quick), a large wire, scissors to cut the thread in question a nail to hang your creation on the wall when it is ready.

Then choose what will be the size of your original wall decoration in the form of red heart. If you have a specific area in mind, you could take steps to work more precisely. Once this is done, continue with the next step will be to bend the wire in the shape of a heart, tying its ends, as in the photo below:

Then, wrap the wool thread around the heart obtained: For thick, you could apply several layers of wool. When you have finished, tie a knot at the end of the wool yarn and cut the rest of the wire, as shown in the photo below. Remember to work carefully to avoid injury on the ends of the iron wire.

And now, your deco object for the feast of St. Valentine is ready to be hung on the wall! This idea of tinkering  is a great way to give a festive air to your home. And, if you have decided to celebrate February 14 with a romantic dinner at home, you could land your wall decor and offer your darling, a symbol of your love.   


Source: designmag
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