Shabby Chic chest drawers - 38 inspirations for more romantic homeliness

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Do you know that? Delicate peonies spread their smooth flavor, very thin lace and filigree ornaments decorate the soft cushions and wooden furniture surface with nostalgic purity ... A unique romantic atmosphere bathes the room in summer heartedness and can relax and celebrate the senses. It's Shabby Chic. This lovely furnishing style is quite some time in the trend and fascinates not only designers and artists. Many who set up their homes new or just want some spice, often opt for this style, which promises more cosiness and serenity.

Very often Shabby Chic is equated with the vintage. It is also not surprising, since most of the objects and elements are equally popular and preferably actually in the two styles. So especially vintage furniture are used in a shabby chic decor. These are either used directly in their authentic look or they are newly decorated with varnish or paint. Very often even exactly the contrary is the case - brand new furniture in retro or vintage style are deliberately outdated.

The Shabby Chic chest  drawers is one of the most popular pieces of furniture ever. It is an all-rounder, who in all premises feels comfortable and does not only looks good, but does various things - as a storage area, storage space, side table, bedside table, etc. The typical shabby chic chest drawers has elegant, curved lines and is often with ornate ornaments and wood carvings. Furniture knobs made of brass, copper, porcelain or ceramic decorate the proud beauties who seem to know their ancient, aesthetic value very well.

Off-white and pastel colors are recommended chest drawers with a chic shabby chic very. These correspond to the refined design, giving the ambience pleasant visual softness and tranquility.

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