Wire mesh in interior decoration

Of all the materials that can be used for interior decoration at home, wire mesh is mentioned rarely. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine a stylish and beautiful use of an ordinary metal mesh, used to make fences and barriers. However, the wire mesh in the interior with a predominance of country or Rustic style, vintage, or eclecticism steampunk will look interesting and original, bringing an unusual flavor to the atmosphere of the room.

The most attractive use of the grid, in my opinion - in cupboards decor, cupboards and drawers. Using a wire instead of ordinary glass in the doors of the furniture gives a completely different character. Thus, we can radically change the old grandmother's cupboard, or an antique cupboard for clothes, giving them a more modern or more rustic look.

The interior of the kitchen, dining room or living room, where there are cabinets with mesh wings, it is important to support the overall theme of metal accessories, wood or the same network.
For example, to place in a prominent place the original wire baskets for magazines, newspapers and other small things.

The kitchen will look excellent small accents in the form of supports for tableware, baskets of fruit, hanging in a prominent place metal skimmer, sieves and colanders.

And the wire mesh in the interior will look harmoniously in any room. This so-called memo boards on which to attach memos, notes, photographs, children's drawings and all that want to be in sight. Make a memo board with your hands is very easy! It is necessary to attach the stretched mesh to the wooden frame of the picture. Reminders are attached to the grid small clothespins.    

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