Make Shabby Chic Garden with matching decoration & furniture

The Shabby Chic style is like the vintage style a very romantic way of design for indoor and outdoor use. it is Characterized by bright colors, the white color in different shades often predominates. With bright accents, sequins, shiny fabrics or decorations Shabby style can also be refined further.

Another important feature of Shabby style that provides style for the difference between it and vintage, the surfaces of the furniture and objects that are used to set up. This makes even old pieces of furniture perfect for this style. Often things are even deliberately designed this way. Take these items in Shabby Chic Garden.

Metal is next to wood is a popular material for designing the Shabby style. This applies not only for the interior, but also for the Shabby Chic Garden. Does the metal also has a surface of exfoliated paint is the decorative fortiori perfect. Rust stains are not only a problem, but even desired.

Rustic accents are in shabby chic garden is a great idea. Create a romantic sitting area. Benches in worn look can decorate on one side with a flower arrangement of succulents and bark. You can do that on a side table next to the bench, you also cover it with a tablecloth with lace accents.  
Look, what a romantic areas Shabby Chic can make garden, using old pieces of furniture, doors and romantic roses. The doors were not even repainted. They are being offered just by the worn look its special charm and represent a great background.

The decorations do not have to be chosen lush. Ask here and there some ornate metal decorations on glass vases and jars are a wonderful addition. Pastel fabrics allow each seating area seem charming, but also strong accents are allowed at Shabby Chic garden and seating area.

See in following images great ideas make Shabby Chic Garden with matching decoration & furniture

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