Ideas for home air fresheners

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When creating a cozy atmosphere at home, the aromas are a key factor and for that, we can choose to purchase one of the many air fresheners that can be found on the market, or make us our own version. To do this, we must first choose whether we prefer the spring aromas, such as rose, lavender or jasmine, or tend more to strong citrus fragrance given off.

After choosing the candidate aroma, we will see the different options to create your own ambiance:
1 scented sachets. It is very easy to prepare and good for any time of year. They are only 3 steps:
- Buy a bag of organza or create a bag with a small remnant we have at home.
- Fill it with spices like cinnamon, flower petals, scented stones, beans, citrus peels ...
- Close the bag with string or rope and put it in the place who likes flavored.
2 We can take advantage of humidifiers radiators, adding a few drops of water softener we like.
3 If we put a bar of soap in a cloth bag and this, in turn, in a drawer, all the clothes smell good.

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