Recycled original pots for your house

Inspired with these practical ideas for creating your own pots and vases for both the exterior and the interior of your home with items you probably had not gone through his head.


Can you have outgrown? Is the sole no longer valid uses? Or maybe you just know that the longer you put more. We have the perfect solution for that become an ideal complement to your garden: convert footwear pot.

One trick: either put artificial seedlings and forget maintenance; or, if they are going to use as a traditional "pot" with its natural plants the ideal is that you optimize the condition of the shoe.

  1. Put something to give itself the top and prevent crushing the flowers. Probably you have to wait a few days for the job is done.
  2.   Think about where you're going to put it, and prepare it for subsequent subject: if you hang it or not, etc.
  3.   Line the inside with a waterproof material. This step in case you opt for artificial flowers you can skip.
  4.   Buy a smaller container that fits in your shoe, put your plant in it and insert it into the boot.
  5.   If the "trap" double space is covered with soil or surface colored stones, no one will notice anything.

Cloth bags

 Yes, we have not gone crazy, is that we love innovéis. Take an old sheet, and divide it into many fragments how sacks want to do. And in this case we were certainly ends the visual effect achieved with a small bag or a big one is much better than regular size.


And a tip: If you want to use for outdoor or very heavy plants have to be careful with the material because surely a fine cloth may not be suitable for your purpose.
Also, you can paint it different colors or, and this is already for advanced level: create a nice collage with different fabrics and patterns, the result is impressive.

Something you should pay special attention is when unite: you can stick with silicone, sew or tie thrusting Edge cord ending in a nice lacing.

Fruit boxes: pots

  Just make a box of fruit or storage and get it to work, keep in mind from the beginning the final place because if you're going to be on the outside we recommend you give it a fresh coat of varnish provided for prevent spoilage.
In terms of preparation, you can have different options. You have, in the case of opting for materials such as wood, sand it well so that no cut. If you decant a carton will be a mandatory step of lining it and prepare to have more consistency.

Imagination and check designs because the more custom capture the attention more pressings, smooth ... The options are vast.

Camouflaged Cans
  •   One of the easiest ways to do is tune a boat; but also one that needs to be done more carefully.
  • Beware the edges, usually cut. you can also do with other materials such as bottles.If forras choose the material well; and if you are going to paint: Customer type of paint you use to customize, if exterior better be special for this. And as in the previous case, do not forget to always give a protective coating to ensure good condition.
  • As for the designs: we advise you to create your own homemade template, you just need a paper, pencil and scissors.
  • If you're going to be hanging, better have weight into account before doing so to choose which hang rope, wire ... do not want accidents.  

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