Amazing Decorative in the country with your own hands

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For country lovers will be useful to know how to make a decorative well in the country with their own hands. These typical once construction is now becoming a bright ornament of a country site, if fit harmoniously into the landscape design. Before making the country a decorative well, should think about its purpose, to choose the right place to draw a design plan and purchase the necessary materials.

Construction and design of decorative wells in the country do not provide for the creation of a source of water for the hosts. In most cases, decorative well - this is only part of landscape design. However, most practical-minded gardeners even able to give a decorative object by some useful functions:

Tip.The most important decorative purpose well still is the aesthetic function. If properly formalize the well itself and its surroundings (small pond, garden paths, of the carts, alpine gardens or pots with flowers, a low wooden fence, etc.), you can create a unique beautiful garden that will amaze everyone without exception guests. 

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