Stairs to the second floor - 55 design options in a private house

Two floor homes will never lose its popularity, because they have more living space than a single-storey, despite the fact that they occupy the same area on the land. When building a house there are many questions about how to equip the ladder, the material from which to produce it, how to make it safe for all family members, and many others.

The staircase in the house is not only an important functional component, but also one of the central elements of the interior. Good lifting should not only be high-quality and reliable, but also beautiful, organically fit into the overall style of the property.

The shape and design depend on the overall interior of the house, ceiling height, floor space. Marsh called a flight of stairs, the number of flights and to classify all the stairs. For a private house for the most common are single- or half-pace rises.

Helical or spiral staircase has a special charm, it will be especially look good in homes made in the Empire style, Rococo, Art Nouveau. Spiral staircase railing with openwork evokes associations with a fabulous castle. However, this option is not very useful in a real life. Spiral staircases have been created for small spaces, in which it was not possible to establish a broad construction. In a building it may be unsafe for small children and the elderly. In the center of the spiral staircase is a support - a wooden or metal tube, to which is attached a narrow edge of the stage.

For the ladder to be safe, the width of the central part should be at least 25 centimeters, and the main wide part should be no more than 40. The smaller the size of the opening, which establishes a staircase, the steeper will be its stage. In modern homes spiral staircases are used infrequently, they can play a supporting role to raise the roof or the descent into the basement. Can be used as the main stairs in the houses to impart a particular style.  

See many great stair design ideas in our following image gallery. 

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