Oriental decoration in 50 magical ideas that make you dream

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The ethnic interior design style is very timely and gives a very exotic look to every room of the house where it is applied. The eclectic between furniture, typical textiles, accessories and ornaments create a cozy and unique atmosphere at home.

The major advantage of the Oriental decor is that you should not necessarily create a living room or a room out of "Arabian Nights". We can keep the modern style of its interior and tastefully add any accessory or piece of furniture Moroccan, Arab or Indian as an exotic eye-catcher in the room. Upholstery patterned, for example, are a good way to introduce the exotic and oriental home decoration. Curtain Persian embroidery, folk motifs in home linen, nice floor cushions and rugs in different ethnic patterns are reinterpreted and harmoniously incorporated into the modern interior design as elements decorative. The rich colors and oriental decoration textiles to heavy embellishments are typical for all the Middle East countries. You can take either the colors or patterns and use them to your project, depending on the intended effects.

Diyfunworld offers an article on the exotic interior design and the magic oriental decoration - typical for the Middle East and North Africa. Review the ideas in photos below and feel free to borrow the ones that you like.


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