25 ideas with Mediterranean Colors and painting techniques

The technique of painting "in the Mediterranean" is based on the colors that we can see in Greece, Italy, Morocco and Spain. These are blue, white cloud, turquoise, shades of intense and deep blue, shades of sand and cream, yellow, red and orange of the sun, brown shades and terracotta.

Blue is the base color for the Mediterranean look that contrasts perfectly with the earthy shades such as terracotta, cool white and bright yellow. It is enhanced by wall tiles in various patterns, ceramic sculptures and wood, etc. Blue, red and yellow mustard combine in heaven, earth and the sun and bring warmth and harmony on the terrace.

The red and orange painted walls create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The red wall is a dramatic "backdrop" for the antique dresser or to the vintage side table. Red is often mixed with brown and orange by the "sponge" technique. The rustic furniture and wooden accessories-such as lamps, shelves and side tables - are a beautiful addition to the Mediterranean look.

A yellow painted wall will optically enlarge any room whose predominant color is blue or brown. The combination of yellow and blue makes a cheerful atmosphere, while the combination of yellow and earthy hues has a calming effect and warm. 

The washout technique: painting technique that create outstanding effects. It involves the application of several coats of paint. Is allowed to dry the first coat of base paint and after, we begin to decorate the wall in one go, by passes of about 1m², varying the angles to get at irregular crossing pattern. A second layer in the same manner and allowed to dry is applied.
Technical sponge: it is very easy to apply and is used for smooth surfaces or terrain. The surface of the sponge lead ends and original patterns on the wall. The natural sponge is the most appropriate.

Check our beautiful ideas which include the colors and painting technique with Mediterranean and let yourself be inspired.

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