34 Cool ideas for balcony planters and window boxes

When you live in a town, you can enjoy some considerable advantages from a social perspective. There are often problems, however , such as the limited living space. Mini studios, space saving furniture, small balconies, which must accommodate all our plants ... The majority of the urban population has unfortunately to face these disadvantages.

We offer a useful article, offering plenty of ideasabout the garden balcony, practical support and hang Window Box compact to be fixed on the handrail. We hope to help you a little in the heavy task of the development of a small balcony in the city.
A balcony planter should not cost a fortune to be practical and have aesthetic value to both. A good idea deco you can build yourself at home is to opt for wooden buckets or in any ordinary metal. Just equip small eyelets or hooks to attach them to the wall and win valuable square centimeters. There remain only paint them bright colors or flashy, for an original decoration and teases that creates a lot of good humor! What an idea to manufacture balcony planter who is artistic and useful both.

And for those who feel that DIY spirit left them long ago, there are prefabricated models to hang "inside or outside of the railing of the balcony. It is as they say "with one stone two birds" - decorate and clutter the space by adding a balcony planter original and practical. We can now grow our own herbs, making even a mini vegetable garden. Discover remaining ideas for balcony garden, space saving support and modern Window Box through the gallery below.

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