Gabions as decoration in the garden - walls and other ideas

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Do you want to have real retaining wall in your yard? Have you already an idea for the gabions as decoration likely in the garden? Then just read on and find out in detail about this possibility of garden walls.

Many providers offered on the face of new, creative ideas and inspiration tips on how you can make your own garden modern and trendy. One of the outstanding trends of this year's garden show was the use of gabions as a decoration in the garden. From benches with colored glass bottles or walls, filled with a mixture of stone, moss and sparkling lights, it is now obvious, this landscape element has taken a creative twist, and can offer us a variety of new applications in the garden.

Basically, gabions metal cages or crates which are filled with stones or other mostly earthen materials and are often used as retaining walls or other exterior walls. The cages are usually made of stainless steel or galvanized or powder-coated steel, which is formed with spiral binders or ring fasteners to form a rectangle. Due to the weight, the frictional force and the ability to match the contours of the ground, no additional fastening to the ground required for the gabions as decoration in the garden.

Gabions as decoration in the garden are regarded as a very low cost landscape element. The steel cages are most commonly made of a welded mesh netting. Depending on the filling, the costs may vary widely. If recycled concrete is used, the cost can be relatively low.

See in following images great ideas to add gabions in your garden decoration.   


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