DIY coaster created with twigs

How to make a DIY coaster-style rustic.

natural decorative allow to make the house a warm and welcoming atmosphere, characterizing it with a decidedly rustic. The details are what make the difference, which are used berries, branches, leaves, natural style will make special room. Today we discover how to create a piece of furniture natural, simple to implement, and in full respect of nature: a coaster DIY created employing the branches.


Twigs, it takes about 10 to make a coaster


Take one by one the twigs and shorten them with shears. Try to match all the branches so that they are of the same length
Place about 10 twigs alongside one another to create the shape of the coaster
With string, add the sprigs weaving the string above and below the branch
Arriving at the end of the branches, tie a knot to secure the string
Repeat the same procedure for the other side of the coaster
Coaster DIY is ready for use.

  The tutorial really simple ideal to characterize the board, whether it's breakfast time rather than the brunch ... we just have to prepare a nice cup of tea or coffee and use our newest coaster created with natural elements.

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