Crochet covers for furniture and accessories in interior decoration

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The cold winter months of the year is difficult to imagine without the indispensable accessories: knitted sweaters and jackets, warm woolen socks and gaiters, colorful scarves and hats. And to make it even more comfortable to warm the house for a cup of hot tea or cocoa, we advise to put not only yourselfs, but all around with knitted covers.

Look at your home! There are many items that can be "warm" knitted covers. In the first place, of course furniture - sofas, armchairs, chairs and stools. Also note the baskets, vases, flower pots, cups, candlesticks - Accessories in colorful clothes create a cozy, intimate atmosphere, will fill the interior warmth, softness and tenderness. As if his grandmother's caring hands touched the different subjects, wrapped them in wool shawl ... All items you how to tie your own hook or knitting needles and redo some old Crochet things. Both options are quite simple and do not require a lot of time and effort. Take a look at some of the knitted covers below and get inspired. Make your space more comfortable.

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