Diy Bed and side table from concrete block

It may seem surprising how much fun can look in the interior construction of concrete blocks. The form allows you to create blocks of these diverse furniture - shelves, racks, tables and even beds. The recesses in the blocks are ideal for storing small items and objects.
Bed their hands, made of concrete blocks and sheets of plywood - beautiful and, importantly, inexpensive alternative design solutions and the frame serial production. Undoubtedly, this bed is not fit every interior. The rough texture of concrete gives the bed a little bit rude, brutal form of what will be an organic look to the interior of a bedroom with elements of styles Rustic, industrial, grunge.

If the block is enough, it is better to put one-piece frame size of a mattress or a little more. If the available bit blocks, they can be spread at intervals, and put on top of the plywood sheet. Weight concrete blocks do not allow the whole structure to freely budge. If you wish to wall units can be attached to a special furniture sliders, which prevent damage to the floor when moving the blocks, as well as facilitate this task.

A total of two concrete blocks can be done bedside table supplied to the bed with your hands,if remains more blocks, the final design of the furniture depends on your imagination. 

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