Balcony flowers ideas, how to choose the best

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Today we are inspired by flowers and their beauty. The theme is the balcony of flowers! What could be more beautiful and inspiring than a lovely balcony colorful and cheerful. Nothing! Who does not dream of having a beautiful morning with a cup of coffee in hand and sit on the big sofa in the balcony. Perhaps nobody. But remember that flowers are also an integral part of this paradisiacal landscape. They add a touch cocooning each type of balcony.

If you have a nice sunny balcony, it offers the flowers that love the sun. For example: begonia, geranium, ivy, the chamomile, hydrangea, petunia. Furthermore, petunia is very easy to grow. So there is a variant that is both practical and pretty.

Among the balcony of flowers that love shade are - the heuchera, hydrangea, rhododendron, cyclamen, lily of toads. So if your balcony is facing north, where there is not enough light it offers this option. And to conclude, we will show you the most beautiful balconies with flowers in the gallery below: 

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