50 Great designs ideas for pallet coffee tables

Pallet coffee table is one of many possibilities you have with recycled pallets. You know they are a source of easily recyclable materials which can be structured plusiuers original furniture. And do not think that the pallet is only for outdoor use, or is only combinable with rustic or industrial style. Precisely the contrary - the pallet coffee table can be super chic and very elegant. After being cleaned, consider a refreshing white paint and a beautiful glass top to give it a touch of nobility. Your living room will light a lot if you assossiez the table in natural color palette with cushions pastels and powder colors. A beautiful decoration with vases, candle holders or white lanterns on the table will be perfect for inside. Gross mask effect by the clear atmosphere textiles and small decorative items.
You have several options for the design of your pallet coffee table. One pallet put on the ground or on wheels can be a beautiful center of the room. It's up to you - you can leave the gross pallet or you can be painted to give it a bang. It is also possible to group several pallets in putting one on the other and perform an original table with storage. The best is that pallets are very versatile furniture - a table will turn into just a few mattress or sofa with soft cushions.

See our gallery bellow for great inspiration.

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