Chill out areas to relax

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to use our yard is creating a chill out area. In these places you can meet with friends in the evening while enjoying a cocktail, for example. How to get it? Very easy. In this case the low seats work very well. Not that we can not place chairs, which is also another option, is that banks masonry or wood and adorned with many cushions of different sizes will give us a sense of relaxation instantly. As a complement, you can not miss a low table to place our drinks or something to eat. Also, if your yard has many hours of sunshine, place plants or an swing to also use it during the day can be a good idea.

Must for  Chill out areas are:

  • Lunch or dinner in your backyard
  • A bar for drinks
  • Water therapy
  • A swing for the more playful
  • Outdoor cinema    

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