A terrace with recycled elements

I turn to my weekly appointment with recycling. On this occasion I presented a terrace made with objects, furniture and items recovered.
  Its decoration takes on an air Vintage-industrial due to the use of tables and chairs, old metal that transmit this style to the decor of this terrace. Here it is again resorting to the use of wooden boxes so handiest recycled to decorate a balcony or terrace reused as shelving, containers or window boxes. Also on this occasion stairs back to visualize different models and colors as a decorative object. The color palette is limited, ocher, gray or metallic and black tones, color note put it plants delicate and romantic look, like ferns, hydrangeas and geraniums spread both in pots pots and placed on the floor, stairs or walls.

A terrace with recycled elements A terrace with recycled elements Reviewed by Decorator on 10:41 PM Rating: 5

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