Rattan lamps for natural style

Rattan is back in fashion, and the return of all that is traditional with a modern twist is something we see very often in decor. This material was used to make baskets, chairs and other household utensils, still has that touch so warm and natural that works well in many environments.

Today you can not only find the traditional wicker chairs, but even cots or even pretty rattan lamps. These lamps are ideal for creating a serene light and stand by that natural and a bit rustic touch that can add to the spaces. In addition, there are many versions and forms.

Lamps more casual and relaxed style are those with light appearance, as if they were handmade. You can even recycle old baskets for new lamps. It is a material which provides a very natural to every touch, being great for areas such as terraces and dining rooms that overlook the street. In addition, they are great with this tropical style.


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