Diy rope and wooden shelves

On the Internet we have seen many ideas that have inspired us to make these shelves rope and wood, but were those of my compilation Sara Tu Crate Vintage which finally encouraged us to make, and the truth is that we love in the whole bedroom.

Diy rope and wooden shelves

Easy and attractive! And lowcost Can you can ask for more? Let's go for it.

Necessary materials

3 wooden slats: For you yourselves to the idea, ours are 60 long, 16cm wide slat own


2 open sockets

clear varnish

Tools: Drill, gives, sander, level and lápizProceso diy

First, lightly sand 3 strips and varnish with clear varnish water wood prepared!

Mark drilling points with a pencil and ruler. We have given 2 cm per side.

Once you made the holes, begin to put the rope knotting into two parts, on the one hand and on the other side.

We will have to adjust the level using knots.

On the bed with the help of all! It is the best way to go tying ropes before hanging it on the wall.

And finally, with the level we adjust the knots so that the shelf is us well balanced already we have it! Do we see the end result.


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