DIY Floating Shelves

In my search for a DIY a good, nice and cheap system that would allow me to hang a small seedling in the corner that I killed my kitchen I found the blog A place of my taste and I love this job.

- Round wooden table

- Scissors

- Coarse thread

- Plants or other decorative objects that we will place on the circular table.

First of all, take action: choose how far from the ceiling like you have left on the floating shelf that cut the threads. As far as I leave you here it is approximate.

Cut about 50 pieces of thread of 1.37 meters long, one of the threads will involve all other (as shown in the picture), and tie, trying to make it as focused as possible, it will be the centerpiece of the hanging rope.
Divide the threads into quarters and again, separates each of these four parts in two sections. Once this is done, each row divided into two the braid it or roll up each other. Another option is to divide it into three and roll or weave them, introducing balls or other decorations ...

Finally, place the wooden board and select plants or other items that you want to hang.

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