DIY Crystal chandeliers with sisal

You know how much we like to surf this great network that is Pinterest, always looking for inspiration, and lo, we have encountered a DIY, easy, fast and above all low cost, I mean that we like.

It is a chandelier made only with a glass jar, which may well be recycled, sisal rope and a hot glue gun.

First, to make your own, you'll need clear a glass jar.
Using a glue gun, sisal rope stick to the bottom of the jar
Sisal rope can be found at any hardware store.

We continue to apply hot glue on both the jar and let the rope and sisal rope wrapped around the jar pulling hard. We have to be careful that there are no gaps between the turns of the rope.
Once you have reached the desired height of the rope, be sure to add heat to the end of the rope glue to prevent fraying.
We love the braided sisal rope adds character to this coastal plain glass jar, ideal for this time of year. So what you think, you abreves with DIY? We think so.


Via: genovesatelier
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