Clever, original ideas, to decorate your pot and vase

How to decorate your own flower pots and vases

Do you want your plants radiate with its own sparkle to your interior design? You can accomplish this by decorating your flower pots and vases. Creative and simple ideas provide a great effect without much effort on your part.

The first effective method to which we would like to point is that we can decorate the flower pots and vases with rope. You can simply wrap so that it. You can apply a thick strip or more thin strips. The effect is very retro and thus for many people hit the spot.

What do you think about simple painting and graphics? Would this be a way, the otherwise very common and not particularly unique to personalize looking vases and flower pots? If you are not particularly talented in this regard, try expressed digital images.

Washi tapes

The Washi tapes are a universal means to spice up different things. This also most types of flower pots can decorate. You can both cover a larger part of the area, as do also minimalist.

Glue something unusual in your flower pots
Now we come to a group of very exciting DIY ideas. Pick any kind of great small objects to which you have in excess or that are not too expensive. Let's say - pencils or clothing clip. This can be on a super original way the flowerpots decorating.

Driftwood is also very suitable if you want to decorate vases and flowerpots. In this most thin, straight and same more or less long cut rods would be used. They can be attached with a strong adhesive onto the outer sides of the articles.

Other people prefer a slightly more complex, but very lovely and beautiful way. In this, the sticks are reduced to form flat circles, to which you can see the grain.
Other artful methods for vases and flower pots-decorating you find in web. They are unconventional and artistically. The natural beauty of wood would practically do everything well.   

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