10 ideas for children's study spaces

We love to decorate children's rooms, because in them we have a degree of freedom that other rooms do not offer us. To put it another way, in these areas we can "play" a little with the colors, for example.

Most of the time we talk about how to decorate children's bedrooms, but in this case we will focus on an area that should not be missing in any child's room, and we refer to the study area. Yes, and that is if we work hard and we make it pretty good, probably the child feel more at ease when doing their homework.

As we said before, when it comes to decorating for children, we are permitted to use more color, and we love colorful spaces. Pastels, for example, are very popular, and perhaps be a good choice to bring you warmth to the study area. 

And another thing we like best are those ideas for decorating on a budget, such as wooden crate boxes, the kind of fruit (or similar), they are ideal for creating storage space for books, ornaments or whatever.

When we talk about areas of study, we are assuming that it is school children, therefore, at this stage, it is best to consider their likes and dislikes when it comes to get going. The more comfortable you are with your study corner, more productive will be the hours I spent on it.
Maybe pastels not go with our small, and conversely, dark tones go more in keeping with his personality. That if, if we are going to paint a wall in a dark color, it is best to take good entry of natural light, and also have good source of artificial light.
The industrial style decor is something that never expires, even today we see in many decorating magazines, rooms decorated with this style. Maybe you like the idea of giving certain industrial air to the corner of the kids study, the results can be interesting. 
Other decorative style that we can apply in this corner so necessary for a child's bedroom, is the Scandinavian. The key is to use lots of white and wood with some color details. More sober, but maybe this style is the one that goes best with your sins.
And finally we love the idea of setting up the area of child study in a closet. Sure, sure everyone is thinking where would keep the clothes, it is true, but this option is for those who, precisely, have a closet available, either because they keep clothes in another room, or because they have more than a closet.  
What do you think forthe proposals? What is the decorative style you think would go best with your little? 

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