Small Winter Garden decoration ideas

The decoration of a small winter garden requires attention and care that everything goes as planned. The conservatory is often used for decoration of the house and still leaves the beautiful and sophisticated environment, ideal for those who want to bring nature into the house, which contributes to a clean and healthy air.

Unlike what most people think of the winter garden is not geared only for large environments, but it can be attached to small homes or apartments that do not have enough room for a garden or a balcony.

The conservatory should be made up of more resistant plants that do not need much wind and sun, as the cyclin inside the residence is often quite different and sensitive plants can not bear this kind of environment.

Winter garden will always remain beautiful and well maintained the ideal is that the plants remain in a more ventilated area of the house and has good lighting, windows are great examples, but nothing prevents you to allocate your garden beneath stairs, terraces, bathroom, in the living room or kitchen.  

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