Olive tree ideas - a symbol of peace grow in the garden

Have you ever taken a trip to Greece? There you have probably noticed that in almost every yard or garden at least one olive tree is planted. Our task today is to give you some tips about the olive trees for your home.

The olive tree has been cultivated as a useful plant since the 4th millennium BC. The olive branch is a symbol of peace and regeneration. That's one of the reasons why many people there to plant in their garden. The other reason is because of its tasty fruit - olive. These are first green and later they are shiny black.

This is an ornamental tree with silver gray leaves. It is mostly grown in the open air, but in winter you can relocate it in a conservatory. The olive trees grow slowly, so you should have lots of patience. Only the older trees give off fruits.

In spring and summer, the trees need regular watering. But you should wait until the soil dries out and then pour again. In the autumn and in winter reduce watering and keep the soil most of the time dry.

The olive tree is native to the dry and hot zones. That's why he needs a lot of light and heat. Nevertheless, the tree should not be daytime placed under the direct rays of sun all the time. In winter, the temperature must not drop below 0 ° C.   

The most suitable soil for the olive tree is the acid-alkaline. If this is rich in vitamins and minerals, it will give the tree a richer foliage. In spring and summer, it's good to fertilize once a month with nitrogen. Transplanting should be done in spring, and every three years once. 

Growing the plant is made by means of cuttings. This should be carried out in summer. Protect the trees against pests. Of the aphids curvature of the young shoots may occur. This in turn can lead to crop loss later. If your tree is large enough to give fruits, circumcision for a richer harvest will provide.

Now you have the necessary information about the care of the olive tree ...

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