Ideas for outdoor children's parties

Children's parties are events full of magic and fun. If you're one of those parents who love their children to enjoy each of their birthdays or meetings with friends, here are some ideas for creating the best of outdoor children's parties.

Decor for children's parties outdoors can be most creative. If we have a large terrace garden or we can choose to locate this party right there. Also, if we are lucky to have a pergola, we have a very interesting structure to add decorative elements such as scarves, balloons and garlands. Customize chairs also gives very good results.

The table is an element that gives much play. We can placing plates and glasses keeping with the style of party we want to give. Thus, we can, for example, create a table like the following picture, where the rubber ducks are the focus and can be both funny dishes and centerpieces. 

Lovers of vintage children's corners can create your liking. We just need some old wooden boxes, a wooden plank and a good selection of drinks for the little ones. It will also be ideal to place a wide variety of sweets and goodies.

The use of color can be most inspiring. We can choose two shades, as may be pink and green, and adding accessories to our table and space. As shown in the image, the idea of placing a basket in the chair with various toys or candy and a large central table with birthday cake can be an ideal solution.

Theme parties are successful. If our son was lover, for example, pirate ships, we can create different tables, those that have a hole to put the umbrella, and place a stick which serves to include our sails and pirate flags.

Finally we love the option of creating a great picnic with our children and their friends; and the lawn can be a lovely place to celebrate a birthday or children's party. 


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