How to decorate the empty wall - 11 ideas, 29 examples

Blank wall - is not that a problem. Globally, it is possible to live with it. But where better to "recover it." Today let's talk about how to make it easy on their own and do not lose the enthusiasm of the middle way.

01 Serve the wall plates and get smart - quickly and clearly. You can pick up beautiful decorative items brought from traveling and just your favorite. Remember interiors sunny Spain and inspiration will come to you.
02 Hang pictures - the perfect option for those who do not reach the hands of family album, print your photos. Select the images you dear, pick up a beautiful frame and hang in random order. The resulting collage looks really interesting and decorates the interior. And the guests gladly admire the history of the photo, looking for a cup of coffee.
03 Assemble a collection of mirrors and adorn the empty wall
04 painted with acrylic paints wall according to your taste and mood, you can quickly and, interestingly, the update as desire. Admire how simple solutions transform the space.   
05 Another solution that looks at least interesting - a beautiful ceramic tile. Today, the market is really a great offer and you can choose the kind of collection and thus decorate the wall.
06 Collect pencils in an art object by combining by color - fresh and what is necessary for those who are not afraid of color.  
07 Add a little tree - a good solution for any interior. You can take a few boards and decorate their part of the wall, you can prepare the figure and "settle" it. There are many options, the main thing - desire. It is worth noting that the texture of the wood makes the interior very warm and cozy.
08 Frames without photos - no less interesting objects than the actual frame and a photo. Suddenly, you just collect them and have a collection of vintage copies? Do not hide them safely hang on the wall.  
09 Unusual solutions we are also not spared. Especially liked the simple idea to hang the bike on the wall. Actually, why not?
10 Decor books, in our opinion, one of the best decoration for any home. Books - your reflection, what you read, speak without words. And, of course, they are beautiful in themselves. Quite a few shelves and a colorful cover will do the job.  
11 Collect posters, wine corks? Get them! Let know about your hobbies and other. 

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