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If you want to reuse, that it is worthy of being in the room with panache and elegance. He is thinking about (and lack of money) that I decided to create a coffee table a little different to my room, check this out:
I had seen this project for a while on Pinterest, but the finish was not up to snuff. It was just a lot of tied magazine without basis or a panel, worthy of a post Fail Decoration. As the combined result here is to escape the "school handiwork," I tried to brush up on the idea and make it more presentable. I'm kind maniac with magazines, and as it was attached to them was with pity to throw away, which resulted in  them that have become the foundation of everything. The rest is a breeze and I'll show below.


- Magazines (for a table of 70cm in diameter, used approximately 150 magazines).
- MDF Base 2cm thick Round Stickers
- Top of tempered glass thickness of 8mm
- 4 wheels
- 2 belts
- Self Adhesive Silicone Self impact. 

Magazines must have the same height so that the glass top does not get samba. Speaking of glass, you can order in any glazing by an average of 50 reais. In the case of the basis of MDF, just ask to cut any lumber . Castors you find in hardware stores or building materials. It is also there that think the silicone adhesives. The belts I bought a street vendor and cost 5 reais each.
Step by step:

1. Wrap each magazine and secure in the middle with a wide tape. The resulting tube must be approximately 5cm in diameter. book;

2- Screw the casters on MDF base in four different corners. Use a tape measure to ensure that they are not misaligned;

3 Arrange the tube magazines on the MDF;

4 Join the two belts, holding the tip of the buckle on the other. So will get a belt and only big one;

5 - Pass the belts by magazines and tighten until it is firmly fixed;

6. Paste the sticker on top of magazines. Not to be confused, use as reference the casters;

7 Place the glass top over and're done.

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