Diy animal hanger with their hands

A perfect complement to the interior hallway or a child's room can be made with their own hands decorative hanger. Make it is not difficult with this task easily handle absolutely everyone.

For the manufacture of hangers with their own hands you'll need:

- The board of the required length;

- Hooks;

- paint;

- Stencils.

Select your desired board length. The longer the board, the more hooks you can place on it, which means that in the future your rack can be placed on a large amount of clothing.

If necessary, the board need to clean up, paint or varnish.

Now, using stencils, in this case, stencils of different animals, apply paint amusing drawings on the board in those places where the plan to attach hooks.
Remember that the hook has to be an extension of your drawing. In this case, the hooks are symbolic tails for the lion, the elephant and the tiger.

Once the paint has dried well attach the hooks.
Your homemade hanger ready. Quickly and easily, and at the same time original and stylish.  


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