Develop a small kitchen - 45 ideas for beautiful design

No one understands the need for a functional kitchen but only people who have tried to cook in an impractical and inconvenient location. That is why it is very important to develop a small kitchen. The design and the small kitchen layout is the crucial point that you feel at ease in this main room for food preparation.

We see on the small screen television sets showing the small New York apartments that have tiny kitchens and functional, but not really. The famous Carrie Bradshaw p. ex. uses his oven to keep his shoes. Unlike Monica from Friends who always prepare good food in her narrow kitchen. His loft is not the smallest, but the kitchen is open to the dining room and lounge, which are in fact the same coin. In Paris and other large cities have extensive kitchen is not easy. When we have less space, one should try to use every centimeter reasonably. There are little tricks that are well known to designers, but not so great for the public. One such thing is the room in white. The white and bright colors, contrasts and more give the perception that the room is larger than it is. The large mirrors create the same illusion.

Another thing not to underestimate is the use of any free place. Under tables, on the walls, even suspended on the roof, offers all possibilities to master space. The big stores like Ikea offer many different solutions for storage. One can find a large number of organizational objects that are intended to use any free space, even inside closets. It is believed that it is better to show you the different practical solutions pictures below the page. Take ideas and inspire you to achieve the best layout of your small kitchen. 

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