Create your own sofa with pallets


On popular demand, today's publication dedicated to the pallets and more particularly to the many options and styles that can shuffle in realizing with them our own sofa.

Different reasons lead each one  to use this material. And this because it is cheaper, and for for the originality they get to finish the piece or bring a personal touch to your home, and simply because twe are lovers of recycling. The truth is that whatever your reason for using pallets, the result you can get to get to realize your own sofa is as unoriginal, personal and real.

In chill out areas, in gardens, porches, reading corners, lounges, play areas ... the possibilities and ways to execute combinations are endless and vary in the extent to which you want to do part of the environment.
Directly resting on the floor with legs, wheels to move, with a height of pallets for a more zen air, 2 or 3 for a more rustic look and comfortable, with arms, without them, with or without support by painting , natural ... to each her own colors.
Furthermore, if we play with different upholstery colors and shapes, make the piece merge with the environment will result brainer.

I hope these images inspire have made your bulb turns on and you're "scheming" to close next DIY project at home.

I already have my favorite, which one of them you stay you?


Images via: delunesadomingo
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