Handmade ornaments for your Christmas tree

My friends hello. Today we make something different.
As every year, this year the decoration process of our tree is a family affair. Everyone should participate in the decoration .... feel much more beautiful, you know that ... YES. Christmas are coming.Especially when you have small children at home so?
My little daughter entered the process with great mood to create.With the help of Mom we created beautiful ornaments and today we show you how make them yourself (if you like of course).

Materials for our handmade ornaments:

1 cup tea baking soda
Half cup corn flower
3/4 cup water


We put In a saucepan all ingredients in medium temperature (eg when the kitchen eye arrives at 9, go to 7)Mix until the dough then to shake and make ball.
Put some CORN FLOWER in a bowl and put it on our dough.Place the bowl over a wet but well-wrung towel and a top lid.Tips: to give color to the decorations, add tempera on your dough.
In about two hours we are ready to use by making our ornaments onto
parchment paper.!Leave them there until dry (about one day)I put them in a baking dish and touched on the stove turning carefully (do not break) to expedite the process .

Also the old balls with the help Coffee sacks that we are going to throw away, we recycle and we make various ornaments.

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