Decorating with Fruit Boxes

Decorate different spaces of our homes with recycled boxes of fruit is certainly a very good choice. We can create fully customized and very alternative venues if we choose this option. At home I have a couple of boxes have customized (well I have not done, my wife was haha) and that serve to store blankets, coils and other things. They are painted in gray and white polka dots are great.
I have to admit that I had not thought much about this issue when I decided to use a couple of boxes of fruit to decorate my house and only stayed at the option of storing things, but seeing the examples that I found and I show more down I see that there are many possibilities and all with a very good result. As you see you can use them as a room divider, which in my opinion is a very good choice. I also liked a lot the option of putting several boxes in a corner of the room for example, to put books, decorative boxes, ornaments, a photo ... and create a personalized eating and especially precious as you can see in the third frame.
On the other hand the option of using the crates as shelves not convince me that not much weight could endure, I think it would be rather short. The truth that it is not sure but if someone tells me I have a good aguatan and perfect because I do not feel bad option and are also very nice.
Anyway, as you can see there are many options and many more that I have not shown to not be very heavy. Surely some of you already had this option in mind or already have at home so, Tell us you want to do or have done with a box of fruit. Get inspired and tell us your work.

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