Children highlight - 19 colorful decoration ideas

Are you looking for a child-friendly color scheme for the nursery? Dynamic paintings and decorative items on the wall to look real impressive and fabulous. Blue walls, for example, look great when they contrast with bookshelves in vibrant orange color.
Apply All colors
A rainbow of bold hues radiates in the children's joy and good humor, which starts with the pillow and goes on to the walls. If you wish to use a strong color combination, repeat a particular item, in order to create a strong look. Bedding, wall decoration, carpets and decorative items turn out to be the main accents. Please make use of a neutral color like white furniture in order to mitigate the strong colors.
Joy & Functionality
A long desk and office chair with storage space can make the reading corner for your little pupil. But when it's time for fun, a sumptuous seating area and the funny color combination in the nursery can be turned into a games room.

No pink color

Tear yourself away from the usual colors in the girls room. The modern Children has a cute touch by orange tones that also act as strong - they extend from Sorbet on pumpkin to electric blue. Floral patterns are reproduced graphically, look modern and suitable for girls as well as for Boy's Room.

The power of colors

To change the wall design, try to realize a DIY project. Draw squares of different sizes on the wall with painter's tape. Then paint the shapes with three or four colors.

White furniture can stay in the room during all phases of child development. Bedding, accessories and color paint you can easily change after the children taste.

Lettering on the wall

A loving poem can be transformed into a work of art in the nursery. One should not be an artist to create their own word art. Make sure that the contrast of the letters with the wall color.

Divided into zones

  A comfortable bench at the window is a sunny corner for reading. Large baskets preserve the toys and the books in one place. A small table in the middle of space can serve as a coffee table or desk.

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