60 decorative cages - ideas and inspiring photos

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Decorative cages are the key part, the trend for the next year to compose your décor. These bring beauty, delicacy and personality to the spaces. And the amazing thing is that the cages can be seen to be in intimate areas as outdoors - in the garden, entrance hall, bedrooms and living rooms.

There are no rules for using them: just let your imagination flow for how to fit it perfectly in the environment. The cages can be suspended or supported in dressers or desks. It all depends on personal taste and how it will harmonize with the rest of the decor.

Here are some tips to include it in your room decor:
  •      Make a beautiful composition for your coffee table, placing flowers, plants and candles. And, if you dare, put a tray.
  •      For a jovial environment is nice bright insert wires as the flasher. It creates an incredible effect and decorate your nightstand.
  •      For modern, try to use it as a lamp. The market today, there are infinitely many models inspired by cage or if you prefer to do it door candles. All these types leave the romantic atmosphere and provides warmth.
  •      As for the terraces or balconies enter the cages with vases of flowers and plants. Leaves a pleasant climate and combines with the natural style.
Check out our gallery to help you improve ideas and seek inspiration you need here to take the first step in its new decoration:

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