DIY: jewelry hanger

The idea for the diy jewelry hanger is a very cool one and not difficult to do it.
What will you need?

     wooden hanger
     Screw hooks (mine fit into 20 pieces)
     piece of sandpaper
     skewer to make holes (or drill with a thin drill bit)
What's next?
From the hanger separate the lower beam (pictured already separated). Then mark with a pencil gently the places we screw hooks. Tool to puncture or drill holes do. Well aware of the fact that the hole drilled at an angle (hanger is skewed).

Once we have all the holes begin to turn screw hooks. As the screw can do on the wood so light bumps.  Twisted the hook then  passed this place with sandpaper and screwing back.

Hanger is ready - you can hang on it pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings cardigans.

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