A Modern lamp made with plastic spoons

Today we will make a lamp with many plastic spoons! The result will surprise you!

You will need:

  •      large plastic bottle of retsina or water
  •      cord with lamp
  •      Cable Cutter - screwdriver - knife / cutter
  •      Pistol with a silicone rod
  •      Two packs white plastic spoons
Step 1:

Break the spoons in their base and get stuck them with the silicone gun one by one on the bottle symmetrically.
Step 2:

Prepare the top of the lamp cap sticking teaspoons one over the other as shown in the picture.
Step 3:

Place the wire in the fixture and screw the lamp. Thus mounted within the luminaire. If the bottle is large then there is no danger from the heat.
Step 4:

Connect the power supply cable to the ceiling and you're done! Attention to the streams! We let to associate someone who knows the subject!
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