Original balloons decoration - 10 easy DIY ideas

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A party without decorating is simply impossible! The decoration balloons, on its part, is something typical, not only for children's birthdays, but also for weddings, family gatherings and adult celebrations with friends. And although the decoration balloons is a true classic, it can be interpreted in many creative ways to surprise and delight your guests.
So we have put together for you a dozen craft ideas with balloons that you can quickly and easily implement at home. Enjoy.

The sources of the above ideas, full information and photos illustrating the steps to manufacture, you will find by consulting the links to follow:

balloons decoration for a bridal shower

* Balloons decorated cut sheet

* Guide balloons painted gold

* Instructions spangled balloons

* Garland of flowers and balloons

* Tuto balloons dressed in tulle

* Idea balloon vase

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