Sofa upholstered ideas in 41 photos with the latest trends

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Today our team is inspired by the retro chic style. Honorary Representative of this type of development is also padded couch, or in other words the Chesterfield sofa. The story goes that his name is no coincidence. Lord Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield is considered the founder of this furniture. Legend has it manufactured the first padded sofa. From that time until today, this piece called Chesterfield each interior makeover turning it into a true paradise of chic.

Is it appropriate to each type of inside? In reality, it depends. Chesterfield sofas are the most used in the living rooms with a more contemporary loft inside the homes for example, or for luxury items. So you can not put the sofa upholstered anywhere. You need to take into account the complete interior. Avoid combining this sofa with a classic interior with cocooning furniture. It is not condemned to create the atmosphere and warm spirit. And to show you the best alternatives and best practices offered are the following gallery:


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