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Pallet has become well known for its use of potential in the decoration, being used first in the transport and storage of various products and then becoming furniture.
There are metal pallets, plastic and wood, but the most commonly used in the creation of furniture are made of wood, as are most warm and welcoming.
The ecological pallet appeal is due to the fact that a piece reused, avoiding waste and debris buildup. The aesthetic appeal has to do with the look cool parts, especially when used unpainted. And when the furniture is made at home, there is also the economic appeal.
Some models are very easy to do, but the practicality is more important than the economy, you can also buy them ready, direct shops.

The fundamental idea of stacking pallets and put a mattress on them brings up beds or sofas, and depending on the layout and size of the base bed can be double or single, or may be left a little room left for work as table side, for example. These bases form racks which may be used for books and magazines, for example.
To make the single bed on the couch, just add pillows, giving an even more stripped. In this case, when larger the better pillows, or at least as wider better, so that they are not going back to the touch.  

The tables are basically a stack of pallets, and can be central or lateral, depending on the size. center that are wide and low, while the sides are narrower and higher. The ideal height of the tables is one that allows the objects are easily accessible to those who are sitting next to them. 

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